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FELINES - Wild Cats Paintings by Colette Cheyne
Leptailurus serval

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C CHEYNE Servals 1995



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 C CHEYNE 2007  Serval in Grass
Serval in Grass 2007
oil on panel 420 x 630 mm



Serval Study 2007
oil on panel 460 x 400 mm





 C CHEYNE 2007  Serval Study

 C CHEYNE 2007  Serval Portrait
Serval Portrait 2007 
oil on panel 520 x 665 mm



'Lady' 2000
oil on panel 300 x 220 mm





 C CHEYNE 2000 Serval portrait of 'Lady' Wellington Zoo


 C CHEYNE 2001  Serval

Serval 2001
oil on linen 660 x 530 mm

Best of Show Award
Wild Cat Art 2001



C CHEYNE Serval 2001
Worrell Collection


Colette Cheyne's 2001 Serval painting (oil on linen 26 x 21") was chosen to receive the Best of Show Award in Wild Cat Art 2001,
an international event organised by Sierra Endangered Cat Haven (now known as Cat Haven Wild Animal Park), Dunlap, California.

Whilst working on the painting, I went on-line to look up something or other on servals and came across the Cat Haven website.
They were calling for entries for their Wild Cat Art Exhibition and there was just enough time for my painting to be completed
and sent off to the US. Subsequently I received a call (in the middle of the night!) informing me that my painting had been judged
best in show - the juror was the late Simon Combes, an artist with a great passion for wild cats, and it was an honour to receive
such recognition after just a year or so of painting professionally.

Serval 2001 was purchased for the Worrell Collection of Animal Art, Charlottesville, Virginia, another unexpected and great privilege.


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